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The previous recession that hit the U.S. housing market forced many Americans to consider other options that will free them from mortgage debts. One of the most plausible and practical ways is to sell homes on short sale, or to buy short sale homes. In short sale, both buyers and sellers can take advantage of various benefits of short sale, and most importantly, they get to free themselves from having to incur more and more mortgage debts that will eventually put their credit ratings in the negative.

But not every American is well versed with the concept of short sale. And to be able to ensure that this process will be beneficial to the concerned party, a seller or a buyer must be well-informed of his options. This is the very objective of this website.

We know short sales having worked with them since 2001 We created this website in an effort to provide information for real estate buyers and sellers on their options for foreclosure. Back then, the term “short sale” was not too popular across the country. In other words, we make the entire process easier for buyers and sellers who we know are currently stressed out with the situation. We do the legwork – we consult banks like Citi, Wells Fargo, Nationstar, Bank of America, Chase JP Morgan, SunTrust Mortgage, GMAC, PNC Bank, BBT, and Onewest – to streamline their processes as well as find ways to reduce their losses.

We talk to agents and investors across different states to educate them on the proper handling of short sales. We attend industry conferences where we impart our firsthand knowledge and experience on the best short sales practices. With more than a decade of practice under our belt, we have built strong relationships with loss mitigation executives at major financial institutions.

We are committed to providing, more than ever, an opportunity for every individual to live in home with peace of mind, with less to no debts at all, and to enjoy living with their loved ones in a location they can be happy and proud of.

If you are thinking of buying or putting your homes in short sale, fill out the form below and we will connect you with a professional experienced real estate agent in your local area.

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